Can BDI-II and MADRS-S be Transferred to Online Use Without Affecting its Psychometric Properties?
Fredrik Holländare, Anna-Maria Gahnström, Anna Nieminen, Ingemar Engström

The Internet has brought new possibilities to psychological assessment. Although there are several advantages to online assessment, there are also challenges. The aim of this study is to test the psychometric equivalence of the traditional paper versions and Internet adapted versions of the BDI-II and the MADRS-S. The 71 participants were recruited at a university campus, and filled out BDI-II and MADRS-S on both Internet and paper. They were randomized to complete either the Internet versions or the paper versions first, and then complete the other version the next day. For both BDI-II and the MADRS-S the Chronbach’s alpha levels were similar in the two medias of administration. The means and standard deviations were also similar, and the scores from the two medias of administration correlated highly for both questionnaires. The conclusion is that the psychometric properties of the BDI-II and the MADRS-S remained unchanged after transformation to online use.


Questionnaires; Internet; Depression; Psychometrics

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