Using electronic surveying to assess psychological distress within the UK student population: a multi-site pilot investigation
Bridgette Maree Bewick, Jan Gill, Brendan Mulhern, Michael Barkham, Andrew J Hill

This paper describes the level of psychological distress within university students participating in an evaluation of a web-based intervention for alcohol misuse. Data was collected from 1129 student from four UK universities. Psychological distress was assessed using an online version of the CORE-10. Results showed that 29% of students reported clinical levels of psychological distress. Eight percent of students had moderate-to-severe or severe levels of distress. The items tapping depression and anxiety suggest that, when compared to depression scores, levels of anxiety are heightened. These findings are discussed in light of the evidence which suggests that traditional modes of support delivery may not be sufficient for all students. The possibility that web-based therapeutic interventions could be utilized within this highly computer literate population is explored.


student; psychological well-being; mental health; web-based intervention; e-health; CORE-10

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