Gender role and personality as predictors of peer and self leadership evaluations
Bart Weathington, Heidi A. Moldenhauer

This paper investigated the relationship among gender role, personality and peer and self evaluations of leadership behavior. Participants formed teams to complete a leaderless group activity and then completed personality, gender role, and leadership questionnaires. Results indicated that low femininity and high extraversion scores were predictive of leadership behaviors. However, high femininity had little relation to self-rated leadership regardless of extraversion.

Results also suggest that high levels of masculinity and conscientiousness were predictive of high peer evaluations of leadership ability. A weak correlation was found between self and peer evaluations of leadership which along with the other results suggests that individuals that rate themselves as good leaders are not necessarily perceived as good leaders by others. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.


Leadership; Gender Roles; Conscientiousness; Extraversion; Personality

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