The impact of online resilience training for sales managers on wellbeing and performance
Jo-Anne Abbott, Britt Klein, Catherine Hamilton, Andrew J Rosenthal

In a randomised controlled trial, the internet-based ResilienceOnline (ROL) program was evaluated among lubricant sales managers at BP Australia. This program is designed to enhance resilience by teaching seven skills to help improve ability to cope with challenges and setbacks and maximise potential achievements. Sales managers were allocated to complete the ROL program (n = 26) or to be in a waitlist-control condition (n = 27) and were compared on pre- and post-intervention measures of happiness, quality of life, depression, anxiety, stress and work performance. Sales managers found the resilience training very enjoyable and believed it would improve their work performance and life skills. However, a high proportion of sales managers did not complete the ROL program and it was not found to significantly reduce distress or improve quality of life or work performance.


resilience; wellbeing; workplace; internet; online program

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