Integrative Self-Knowledge and the Harmony of Purpose Model in Iranian Autoimmune Patients
P. J. Watson, Nima Ghorbani, Ashrafe Mousavi, Zhuo Chen

Teleological coherence theoretically underlies healthy immunological and psycho-neural responses to stress and should be lacking in autoimmune patients. An Integrative Self-Knowledge Scale served as a plausible psychological measure of teleological coherence in Iranian Autoimmune, Non-Autoimmune, and Healthy Student groups. Participants also responded to measures of perceived stress and to the Levels of Self-Criticism Scales, Hopkins Symptom Checklist, and Inventory of Interpersonal Problems. Autoimmune patients displayed the lowest Integrative Self-Knowledge, highest perceived stress, and greatest evidence of psychological disharmony. Integrative Self-Knowledge correlated negatively with perceived stress and psychological disturbances and partially mediated the relationship of perceived stress with interpersonal problems. Integrative Self-Knowledge may usefully clarify the psychosomatic dynamics of autoimmune patients.


Integrative Self-Knowledge, Autoimmune Disorder, Stress, Mental Health

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