Child Resilience: Relationships between Stress, Adaptation and Family Functioning
Annette Mutimer, John Reece, Jan Matthews

The Resilience Classification Framework (RCF) was used to statistically identify four sub-groups (n= 74) from a larger sample of preschool aged children (n=-201). These four sub groups: Resilient (n=16); Good Expected (n=20); Poor Expected (n=24) and Vulnerable (n=14) were compared across family functioning variables using the Family Assessment Device (FAD). Results showed that families experiencing high exposure to stress and adversity scored significantly lower on a range of family functioning variables than those reporting low exposure. Aspects of family functioning were found to be significantly different across the four sub groups. These were Problem Solving, Roles, Affective Involvement and General Family functioning.


resilience; family functioning; protective factors; preschool children; vulnerability

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